Rush Triangle

We're looking for the highest caliber men to join the ranks of Triangle Brothers at the University of Michigan. If you're majoring in Engineering, Science, Architecture, or just about anything technical in nature, let one of our Recruitment Chairs know!

Noah Walters,
Jon Bear, 

Rush Schedule

All events are located at 1501 Washtenaw Avenue, and will be catered courtesy of the brotherhood. 

Rushing has ended for Fall 2021. Come to our events next semester if you are interested in joining!

President's Address


As a freshman coming into college, getting involved in student organizations can be very exciting but also hectic. I remember walking past hundreds of tables during Festifall last year and for some reason, a group called Triangle stood out in the crowd. A friend pointed me in the direction of their table and I was told that they were a social fraternity for STEM majors who are looking for a balanced college experience. I decided to go to a recruitment event called break or bounce, where I got to throw things off of their fire escape. I had a great time and met so many new people. Everyone there was genuine, nice, and made me feel comfortable like I've already known them for a while. This group of guys really made a big campus seem less intimidating. I have heard a lot of bad things about Greek Life before college and was wary about the idea of joining a Fraternity. Then I spent a day with Triangle brothers and I realized that they were different in all the best ways. It completely changed my view.

Triangle pushed me to focus on academics by providing me with access to their study room, where people are always available to help. An Academic chair even set up meetings to see if they could do anything to help me succeed. I was introduced to professional and leadership development resources by attending workshops focusing on public speaking, resume building, and interview tips. During these workshops, I was able to meet our wonderful alumni who come back to share their experiences and to pass on their knowledge. Triangle was also interested in my mental and physical health and made an effort to remind me of university resources, while also being open to talking about any issues I was having. All of this supplied by a self-governing student organization shows the dedication Triangle has for its members.

In the time I’ve been with Triangle, I've noticed myself grow as a person. I would say I’m more social, driven to succeed, and confident in my actions. I also never would have thought that I could make as close of friendships as I have made within this group of students. There is always something to do around the house. My favorite memories in college so far were at brotherhood events including video game tournaments, bowling, and watching movies and sports on the big screen in the basement with my fellow brothers. Now, as the President of this Fraternity, I pledge to do everything I can to make sure all new and old members can have the same exceptional experience I have had with Triangle.