About Us

"The purpose of Triangle is to develop balanced men in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, and Science by providing an environment which fosters personal growth and professional success."

At first glance, Triangle seems like a student organization that wanted to be in the Greek system but did not want Greek letters. However Triangle, in every sense, breaks the mold of what a fraternity is and ought to be. The original founders chose to not have Greek letters because they did not want an organization that loosely focused on one thing. Rather, this fraternity was established as a means to create a close-knit community of like-minded men that focused their efforts on several core aspects of life and strived to achieve the perfect balance between work, play, and service to the community.

So what is Triangle Fraternity? At the University of Michigan, Triangle is a community of various students studying technical programs, such as engineering, biology, neuroscience, and architecture, centered around its chapter home and its core values. The members strive for the balanced lifestyle and forge lifelong friendships along the way. At the national level, Triangle Fraternity is an organization that seeks to develop men as leaders and create a widespread network of individuals dedicated to personal growth, brotherhood, and their professional interests.

Each member joins Triangle for a different reason, but every member is able to find an atmosphere which fosters friendship and academic, social, and professional growth.