Alumni contributions are at the heart of everything we do. Our communications, events and support for the chapter all rely on gifts to our annual fund. And, as alumni, we play a critical role in making sure our Chapter lives on. Your gift makes a significant impact on these efforts. Please give generously to the annual fund.

What will your donation fund?

Matching Furniture in the Living Rooms
Currently, our furniture in the living room consists of old hand-me-downs that brothers don’t want anymore as they move out of the house. This creates for some interesting color combinations. Newer, nicer couches and chairs would create a spot for brothers to watch their favorite team play or enjoy countless episodes of Family Feud (a recent favorite in the house).

We are trying to raise $3,150.00 total for the furniture. This consists of 3 couches at $700.00 each and 3 chairs at $350.00 each.
Replace the Carpet with Laminate Flooring on the First Floor Right now, half of the house has carpet on the main floors. This carpet has definitely seen better days and we are looking for a better alternative than carpet on the first floor. The idea is to put laminate down to make it easier to clean after spills, and more protection against the constant traffic on the first floor.

We are trying to raise $5,000.00 to help pay for the cost of the materials and the labor.

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