Rush Triangle

We're looking for the highest caliber men to join the ranks of Triangle Brothers at the University of Michigan. If you're majoring in Engineering, Science, Architecture, or just about anything technical in nature, let one of our Recruitment Chairs know!

Eric Pearson, Recruitment Chair,
Kevin Tice, Recruitment Chair,

Rush Schedule for Fall 2018

Rush Events

Open House Friday, September 14th
Night of Knockerball Monday, September 17th
Break or Bounce Thursday, September 20th
Game Night Tuesday, September 25th

All rush events will take place at the Triangle house, 1501 Washtenaw Ave from 6:00 - 9:00 pm
We encourage you to attend at least two events.

President's Address

My Peers,

At the onset of 2015, the University of Michigan tumbled into the spotlight of national media after a Greek Life ski resort incident resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. In the fall of that same year, I wandered onto this campus as a naive freshman, understanding little about the realities of college; all I knew, was that I refused to join Greek Life. I maintained that stance throughout my freshman year. However, by the time April came around, I found myself lacking a strong foundation of people to rely on, to relate to, to learn from, and most of all, enjoy my 4 short years of college with. And so, in the fall of sophomore year, I made the best decision I could’ve ever made in college: I joined Triangle.

Since that 2015 incident, Greek Life has continued to face scrutiny both on this campus and across the nation. Stories of binge drinking, gruesome hazing, and even new member deaths plague fraternity and sorority life. Opinion pieces run rampant across the internet, so much so, that looking up “fraternity” brings up negative results on the first page of a Google search. Regardless of the assumptions, the exaggerations, and even the occasional truths, I implore you to give Greek Life a fair shot, or at least, give Triangle a fair shot.

I strolled up to the Triangle house at 1501 Washtenaw Avenue looking for the group of close-knit friends that would make me feel at home in a campus full of 40,000 students. There’s a common perception that fraternity rush feels forced and ingenuine— “fake it ‘til you make it” is the name of the game. From the first conversation I had with a brother at Triangle, it felt like the opposite was true. Everybody was comfortable being themselves, and it made a typically stressful process fun. As a new member, I had countless opportunities to bond with brothers through all of the activities that we do. From movie nights, to sports, to social events, and even just studying together in our study rooms, there was always somebody there to do something if I wanted to.

As a brother, I’ve formed relationships with people that will last a lifetime. Achieving the same level of trust and closeness with friends in college as you have with the friends you grew up with is hard, yet I’m now that close to a group of people. Since finding my place here, I’ve grown immensely as a person: I’m much more confident, I’ve gained the ability to engage with people from a variety of backgrounds, and I’ve developed into a leader capable of adapting to new and sometimes disadvantageous situations. Truly, Triangle has given me some of the best memories of my life, while preparing me for the real world.

Academically, the fraternity consists entirely of STEM majors, so we’re in a great position to help each other out. It is almost always the case that if someone is struggling with a class, someone older has already taken it and is willing to help. Between our academic support resources, our well-maintained study rooms, and the undergraduate and alumni network, members have all the tools to succeed in the classroom. Even professionally, the resume and interview workshops, among other things, help our members find internships every year at career fair.

Most importantly, I must say that after experiencing the opportunities to grow in so many facets of my life, while meeting some of my best friends, I can’t help but think of my freshman year as lost time. I don’t want other students to feel that same way. If you’re reading this and have become even remotely interested in our organization, I encourage you to come to one of our rush events.

If you have any other questions about our organization, our alumni, or simply want to find out more, please feel free to reach out to me at 810-956-6270 or send me an email at If there is something that I cannot answer for you via phone or email, I would love to sit down with you and discuss our organization as well as any comments or concerns that you may have.

Go Blue,

Nik Hill